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We repair most garage door problems.   Our policy is simple and professional!   If we can't fix your problem then your service is free.   Whatever problem you are having with your garage door we can help you.   We service any and all garage door problems and welcome new customers.   If you're having a problem with your garage door system you should contact us.

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Our Service Area

We service the following cities or areas:

Atwater, Chowchilla, Dos Palos, Firebaugh, Gustine, Livingston, Le Grand, Los Banos, Madera, Mendota, Merced, Newman, Parkwood, Planada, Turlock, Volta, Wood Ranch.

If you don't see your city please call... we may service your area.   For your convenience, here is a map of our service area:

Our Service Area

What Can You
Expect From Us?

Nothing but the best.   We are here to exceed your expectations!   We are a professional garage door company specializing in garage door repair of all types and...  See More ↓ 
Cable Repair

Are Your Garage Door
Cable(s) Off Track?

If your garage door won't lift then you may have a garage door cable off track.   If your garage door cable has come off or is wound incorrectly your garage door won't lift.

This is a serious problem and a professional should be called out.   A garage door spring wound up to many hundreds of pounds of pressure is dangerous.   If that pressure is released incorrectly serious damage and/or injury could occur.

Maybe your garage door cables worn out or too old.   Careful inspection should be done by a professional garage door installer...    See More ↓ 
Broken Spring

Is Your Garage Door
Spring(s) Broken?

When a garage door spring breaks your garage door will probably not open.   If your garage door does open but seems a little sluggish then have your springs/cables/opener checked.

Occasionally a garage door spring will break due to age, stress, or improper installation.   We can repair this for you.   For your convenience you can contact us below.

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If your garage door spring(s) are loose or broken   Want to know your options?   Most garage doors are simply too heavy to lift without the...  See More ↓ 
Opener Defective

Does Your Garage
Door Opener Work?

It may sound foolish but is your garage door opener plugged in and have power?   For some reason your garage door is not working as it did originally?   Over time your garage door opener gets wear and tear and slows down or stops completely.

Your garage door opener gets worn out and needs repair and sometimes replacement over time.   Could it be that your garage door opener is too noisy or doesn't open at all?   We DO NOT recommend that homeowners try to fix garage door problems...  See More ↓ 
Garage Door Replacement

Does Your Garage
Door need a Tune-Up?

First, visually inspect your garage door system.   You can grease the wheels of the garage door, not where the cables are ;)   Tighten bolts if they're loose.   If you find anything broken please call us and spare yourself further damage and expensive repairs.

There are many other adjustments that are needed but these should be done by a professional.   We don't recommend that you, the homeowner, try to make adjustments because we want you to be safe!

Broken garage doors are inherently dangerous so be careful.   When in doubt...  See More ↓ 

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